Nebraska farmer’s biggest worry is next year’s input costs

A Nebraska farmer says he has concerns for the ag industry beyond 2021.

Corn and soybean grower Greg Greving says input prices are high now but worries where they might go. “They are absolutely skyrocketing right now. I’ve heard some people say that plan on your input costs being double next year. I think that might be a little extreme.”

He tells Brownfield retailers aren’t offering options to lock in prices for next year. “For instance, some of the glyphosate we put on we prebooked that around $2-an-acre is what it cost and what it costs now is $6-an-acre for the same product and the same rate,” he says.

He says commodity prices are the ‘x’ factor. “If our commodity prices go in the tank like they have before, which they can, if we have high input costs, it might be an ugly situation next year.”

Greving says he didn’t have issues getting his supplies since he preordered before the growing season began.

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