New tool allows farmers to easily analyze on-farm data research

A new tool developed by University of Nebraska-Lincoln extension allows producers to analyze farm research data.

Graduate student Jackson Stansell says he helped develop Farm Stat to allow producers or agronomists track treatments and replications unique to their operation. “We want to empower farmers to do that statistical analysis on their own without complicated software,” he says. “A lot of these commercial softwares offer statistical output that is complicated and only readable by someone who’s well-versed in statistics.”

Extension educator Laura Thompson tells Brownfield the tool is most commonly used for yield, soil and tissue data. “We know there are a lot of variability in fields and statistical analysis is really important in helping them differentiate if that yield response is due to that product or practice or do to that variability,” she says.

Thompson says Farm Stat is one of many digital ag tools allowing producers to do more themselves. “So making it really convenient to track where they’re putting different products, track the yields from those different products, drop pins to keep track of things or what every that looks like. It’s very mobile,” she says.

Farm Stat is free and available to anyone to help meet production, profitability, and sustainability goals more efficiently. 

More information is available at UNL’s Crop Watch site.

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