NFU fighting ag monopolies, consolidation

National Farmers Union has started a campaign against monopolies in agriculture. The Fairness for Farmers initiative is pushing for stronger enforcement of antitrust laws and the breaking up of monopolies.

Wisconsin Farmers Union’s Nick Levendofsky…

“Why are there four big meat players when it comes to meat packing,” Levendofsky said. “It never used to be that way but over the last 40 years that’s what it’s become. Why are there so few players in the

NFU is calling on Congressional leaders and the Biden administration to help limit consolidation in agriculture. NFU says monopolies can unfairly take advantage of farmers and ranchers which Levendofsky said forces consumers to pay higher grocery prices.

“When they see food prices going up, it’s not because the farmer is getting more money,” he said. “It’s often times because there’s concentration in the marketplace, so fewer players when it comes to that therefore they can set that price.”  

Levendofsky and NFU President Rob Larew spoke with Montana Senator John Tester and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison during a press call last week where Larew expressed optimism that the Biden administration is ‘taking on’ ag consolidation. 

Brownfield’s Larry Lee contributed to this article.

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