Opportunities for young people to dairy still exist

A dairy leader says young people should not let the current dairy economy discourage them from entering the business.

Gary Sipiorski with Vita Plus tells Brownfield older farmers without an incoming generation are looking for passionate young people to continue their farm regardless if they have money for the investment.

“If they have the ambition, if they have the desire, if they have the enthusiasm—work with a couple for a year, see how it works, see how the chemistry works, I think that’s important.  And, if the chemistry works, then an arrangement can be made.”

He says farmers seeking the next generation need to define their goals and start the process early.  “If you’re going to do a farm transfer today, with all the zeros that are behind those balance sheets, you need to do it early because it takes 10 years to even transfer the cattle to the next generation.”

Sipiorski says most dairies today have up to $25,000 per cow invested into the operation, but creative transition plans can be established to get young farmers started.

He says most connections are being made by lenders, dairy services providers and departments of agriculture to link farmers with young people.

AUDIO: Interview with Gary Sipiorski at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

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