Organic soy market expected to remain volatile

Macro of dry organic soya beans

Tariffs on organic soymeal exports from India continue to disrupt the market.

Mercaris economist Ryan Koory says the U.S. initiated antidumping and countervailing duty investigations on Indian organic meal nearly two years ago.

“It caused a lot of uncertainty around where organic soy supplies would be over the next two years. And with that we saw a lot of volatility really escalating prices within the organic soy industry.”

Prior to the tariffs, imports of Indian organic soybean meal accounted for 46 percent of domestic supplies.

In the aftermath, he tells Brownfield U.S. production and prices have escalated.

“It seems to show that there was a lot of risk, and that risk lead to aggressive purchasing behavior.”

He says that risk is still present in the market and highlights the need for the industry to protect against it in 2023.

Koory was a keynote speaker during last month’s Unconventional Ag Conference in Minneapolis.

  • demented govt policy leads to wild swings in prices and availability. US organic growers have been cheated
    and beaten. Globalism will fail like it did in Rome and there won’t be remaining
    domestic production to be had…and rightly so! Eat your tariff money and die.

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