Pork industry sets 2024 policy

Pork producers have set their policy plans for 2024. 

For the National Pork Board (NPB) growing pork demand is the top priority.  Al Wulfkuehle, NPB vice president and Iowa producer tells Brownfield…

“It’s all about doing the priorities of what our producers want.”  He says, “It was like demand, demand, demand. The younger generation consumes less pork than my generation, than the baby boomer generation, so we have a very targeted marketing campaign to work on that.”

Delegates also focused on pork’s impact on human nutrition, animal welfare during transport, and improving communication within the organization.

For policy, immediate past president of the National Pork Producers Council and Missouri producer Scott Hays outlines the organization’s new traceability plan…

“We wrapped up really a two year long plan to have traceability.”  He says, “We’ve made recommendations to USDA. They’re going to come out with a traceability plan sometime in the next two or three years, but they allowed us producers to put the plan together.”

Thursday marked the conclusion of the 2024 National Pork Forum in Chicago.

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