Potential last-minute USMCA issues

A last-minute demand reportedly has been made in USMCA negotiations. Politico reports Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Speaker Pelosi want to remove language from the deal that would shield internet companies from liability over content generated by users.

Other Republican lawmakers see the push as a way to delay a vote on USMCA. Ag Secretary Perdue, on Fox News, explained the importance of the deal to agriculture and the economy.

“Access to Canada’s dairy market and poultry and eggs, wheat grading systems in the north, but, also the certainty of our two best trading partners and our closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico, for the foreseeable future.”

Perdue says the USMCA will modernize NAFTA which was formed when there was no internet. Ag groups continue to push for passage in 2019 as the days left to do so tick down.

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