President signs Farm Bill in to law

President Obama signs the Agricultural Act of 2014 into law.The President was in East Lansing, Michigan to sign the Farm Bill today.  Ahead of the bill’s signing, President Obama said the Agriculture Act of 2014 is a sign that Republicans and Democrats can come together in Washington and work together. “With this bill we break the cycle of short-sided, crisis driven partisan decision-making and actually get this stuff done,” he says.  “It’s a good sign.  And that’s the way you should expect Washington to work.”

Despite its name, the President reminds us the Farm Bill doesn’t just help farmers. “Secretary Vilsack calls it a jobs bill,” he says.  “An innovation bill.  An infrastructure bill.  A research bill. A conservation bill. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife.”

The President was joined at the signing by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Senate Ag Chair Debbie Stabenow, and other Democrats from both the House and the Senate.

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