Production efficiency creates profitability challenges for pork producers

A livestock economist says there’s some effort to pull back production in the hog industry.  

University of Missouri’s Scott Brown says breeding inventory was down 2 percent in the latest report.  “When you look at sows farrowed and farrowing intentions both intending to run 2 to 3% below previous years, that tells us we’re trying to cut on that side,” he says. 

But, he tells Brownfield, improved efficiency continues to create profitability challenges for producers. “Pigs per litter where it sits today certainly highlights that,” he says. We’re getting rid of the low-end breeding inventory and pushing that productivity even higher. And that just means it’s a longer period of time before we get the hog prices to continue to move higher.”

The USDA will issue its updated projections for pork production April 11th.

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