Projected lower wheat production in Kansas has influenced commodity markets

Nearly a third of this year’s hard red winter wheat crop could be abandoned in parts of the Great Plains.

CEO of the Kansas Wheat Commission Justin Gilpin says if USDA’s recent projection is close, that could be the highest number of abandoned acres in his state since the 80s. “Last year, we already had stressed production at 244 million bushels last year combine that with lower production this year with lack of acres being harvested and stress drought conditions makes that just a tighter situation.”

Speaking with Brownfield during the 2023 Hard Red Winter Wheat Tour, Gilpin said lower production estimates have influenced the markets. “That’s one of the reasons why you’re seeing the market react with higher price, hard red winter wheat versus soft red winter wheat at record premiums as the market is trying to find ways to try to ration demand for what the market anticipates a very limited available crop.”

He says the South Central and Southwest Kansas will likely have the highest number of abandoned acres in the state.

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