Questions abound in Ukraine ahead of planting

Spring planting in Ukraine is a question mark as the war with Russia enters its second year.

Dale Durchholz owner of Grain Cycles, tells Brownfield spring planting in Ukraine is a concern partially because of what didn’t get planted last year, “So we’re going to see less winter wheat available out of Ukraine to go into the world pipeline. Will they plant some of those extra acres? And if they do plant them, do they plant them to spring wheat, do they plant them to corn, what do they put them in?”

Durchholz says that while that could open the door for better export demand for U.S. wheat, there’s plenty of competition, “We’ve had a whale of a crop in India, we’re talking about 110 million ton, or something like that, might actually be a little bit larger. We’ll have to see what kind of crop we get out of the E.U. (European Union) this year, Australia’s had a huge crop of wheat down there.”

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