Restoring RFS certainty a policy priority for Growth Energy

Growth Energy has released its policy priorities for 2022.

CEO Emily Skor tells Brownfield the first is restoring certainty to the Renewable Fuel Standard.

“Everyone in our industry understands just how much this is foundational to our ability to continue to grow as an industry. And we’ve got a lot of pending decisions before EPA with respect to the RFS, so we’ve got to make sure that the RFS remains whole and intact, and administered in line with congressional intent.”

She says barriers to higher blends of low-carbon ethanol like E15 must be eliminated.

“A very good example unfortunately is the fact that we need to once again regain the ability to sell E15, which is a higher blend, year-round. And then we need to utilize biofuels as a low-cost pathway to achieve climate goals.”

Skor says there are biofuel incentives and pathway opportunities in the Build Back Better draft language.

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