Right to Repair and healthcare top legislative issues for Minnesota Farmers Union

Right to Repair and healthcare are among the top issues Minnesota Farmers Union is focused on this legislative session.

President Gary Wertish tells Brownfield legislators passed what he calls one of the most extensive Right to Repair bills during last year’s session.

“But it scooted agriculture equipment, so we are going to take another run at that this year and try to get Right to Repair for ag equipment included in that legislation.”

He says escalating healthcare costs have been a concern for several years.

“Individual farmers, small business owners, it really hits (them) hard because right now the cost of healthcare, whether it’s insurance or just going to get treated by a doctor or hospital. The costs are just not sustainable.”

Wertish says progress was made with the MinnesotaCare Public Option last year, but more work needs to be done this session.

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