Rose Acre Farms begins third party audit

Following the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) news conference in Des Moines, Iowa on Wednesday, April 7, where HSUS released a video of chickens being abused at poultry facilities owned by Rose Acre Farms and Rembrandt Enterprises , Rose Acre Farms is undergoing a third party audit of their poultry operations in Iowa.

“Today, we’re actually doing an independent audit, with a third party, on all three of our Iowa locations, to get a confirmation from a third party that everything’s good,” said KY Hendrix, Vice President of production at Rose Acre Farms.

Hendrix also tells Brownfield Rose Acre Farms stand behind their production practices.

“We care about our animals, we care about our environment, we care about the freedom of choice, we care about our people and we want to provide a good product that you can feel good about,” Hendrix said.

The employee that recorded the HSUS video only worked for Rose Acre Farms for 2 weeks. Hendrix says that as of now, no legal action against that individual is planned, even though the employee did sign the company’s “Animal Welfare” paper that says if anything was being done, like what was shown in the video, they were to bring it to the attention of a supervisor, which obviously did not happen.

AUDIO: KY Hendrix, VP, Production,Rose Acre Farms (4:10 MP3)

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