Soybean threats emerging

An agronomist warns several soybean threats could be on the horizon.

Jed Norman covers north central Iowa for LG Seeds.

“Right now we’re in that R2 full bloom range, and so we are starting to kind of knock on the door on some of those pests that tend to wait in that reproductive stage to start to set in.”

He tells Brownfield brown spot and white mold are two common diseases this time of year.

“Those would be kind of the two (diseases) here early on.”

By August, Norman says brown stem rot and sudden death syndrome could be emerging.

“Those would be my diseases. I think for bugs overall, aphids (and) Japanese beetles, those would be the two that I’d be really looking out for.”

He says there are plenty of weapons in the arsenal for farmers to combat just about any pest pressure that arises. 

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