Spring weather complicates calving season in Southern Minnesota

A cold, wet spring has complicated the calving season for a south-central Minnesota farm family.

Rochelle Krusemark of Trimont says they’ve been trying to keep cows out of the field with the inclement conditions.

“We had a couple, I don’t know where they escaped, but they got out (and) wanted to forage in the fields again the other day. So we had to get them rounded up.”

She tells Brownfield spring weather typically presents some challenges during calving.

“It can always cause a problem, but as long as those cows and calves have a dry place to lay it’s not so bad. At least the forecast looks like we’re not going to have any more freezing nights, so as long as that calf gets dried off it should be alright.”

In addition to the cow/calf beef herd, Krusemark and her family custom finish pigs and grow corn, soybeans, and forage crops.

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