Supply chain slowly returning to balance

The head of supply chain for a leading crop protection manufacturer encourages growers to be proactive as the system comes back into balance.

Cynthia Stanton with BASF says that means being realistic about input needs for 2023.

“But then also partnering with both your customers and your suppliers because it’s going to be more important for that communication, and to think about what their needs are. And then make sure that they are partnering and communicating that and making sure that they’re aligned.”

She tells Brownfield the supply chain has been slow to recover following a cascade of disruptions.

“The infrastructure for example, those don’t come online and get fixed overnight. Capacity is being added, there’s manufacturing capacity (and) global carriers are adding shipping capacity. But again, that’s not something that happens immediately.”

Stanton says there’s also no quick fix for global truck driver shortages, and there aren’t other options to pivot to.

She suggests openness and transparency are key as the supply chain recovers.

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