Taking inputs further

What innovations are allowing for inputs to become more effective?

A war, natural disasters, and logistical nightmares have made preparing for next year a top concern of farmers questioning if they’ll have the products they need. 

Jeremy Fountain, president of Summit Nutrients, tells Brownfield supplies should be available.

“We do believe at this point things have stabilized a little bit,” he says.  “We still have fluctuations but unfortunately it’s stabilized at high prices.”

But he says inputs need to go further.

“We’re trying to be more cost-effective with what we’re doing, we don’t want to have $250 in fertilizer costs year over year over year—I don’t think we can sustain that,” he says.

Fountain says their nanobubble technology, which infuses oxygen into liquid fertilizer, is just one-way nutrient uptake can be improved while reducing overall applications.

Brownfield interviewed Fountain during the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention’s Trade Talk in Kansas City, Missouri.

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