Thompson: Prop 12 fix expected in new farm bill

The chairman of the House Agriculture Committee says he’s excited to include language in the new farm bill that addresses interstate commerce.

Glenn “GT” Thompson tells Brownfield the Proposition 12 law that went into effect earlier this year has driven up the cost of meat for consumers, flooded the hog market and “we need a fix there.”

Thompson says it’s not written like the Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression or EATS Act, but the language addressing interstate commerce will address concerns.

“It will keep us grounded in agriculture science for production methodology and quite frankly, we’ll make sure we continue to protect state’s rights in terms of practices within the states, but when it comes to state commerce, one state cannot impair an entire industry across the country.”

Minnesota Farm Bureau President Dan Glessing says interstate commerce is a concern for one of the top pork producing states in the country and he’s optimistic Congress can pass that new farm bill with that language this year.

Hear our interview with House Ag Chairman Glenn “GT” Thompson.

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