Tough to predict biggest 2020 crop pests

It’s hard to predict which pests will cause the most problems for corn and soybean growers this year.

But University of Minnesota Extension integrated pest management specialist Bruce Potter says corn borer will probably be one.

“If guys in an area have not planted Bt for a number of years, and that’s been in a number of fields in an area with un-traited corn, I think you’ll have to pay attention to corn borer (in those situations).”

He tells Brownfield corn rootworm numbers could be high in late planted or prevented planted fields.

And he’s concerned about crop diseases like physoderma.

“If you’ve got that in a field it’s something to watch. There’s some hybrids that are more susceptible. And that’s related to real wet weather in the spring.”

Potter says gray leaf spot is on his radar for 2020 too, especially because it’s showing more resistance to fungicides in Minnesota.

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