Trump administration hearing call for trade, not aid


The Trump administration might be rethinking its plan to compensate farmers for losses incurred from tariffs, following last week’s White House meeting between the President and farm state lawmakers.

Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue says, “Right now, we are in the negotiation phase and what the President heard yesterday from various governors and farm state members of Congress was we want trade not aid and that’s what we want to do.”

He says a resolution with China would be a win-win for both countries, but farmers might need to endure some temporary pain for the greater good in trade disputes.  “I think the President has China’s attention; let’s get them to the table and identify the things that they are going wrong and let’s get their commitment to do right where we can grow both economies.”

Perdue said farmers won’t be the only soldiers in the battle to get China to play by the rules.

Audio provided by USDA

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