U.S. House Ag Committee member says there’s still time to get a farm bill passed in ’24

U.S. House Ag Committee member Nikki Budzinski says the clock is ticking on getting a farm bill passed this year.  “We don’t have an infinite amount of time,” she says. “We need to start really making progress.”

She tells Brownfield when Congress comes back on April 8th, she wants to see the text of a farm bill.  “We have yet to see that,” she says.

Budzinski says work has been done on different titles of the farm bill behind the scenes.  But, she says, the federal budget negotiations were a distraction. “It was sucking up all the oxygen in the room,” she says. “Now that we have the budget done, I think we will be able to quickly pivot to getting the farm bill done and getting base text released.”

She says that needs to happen sooner rather than later to get a farm bill completed by September.

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