USDA announces appointments to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board

The USDA has announced the appointment of 26 members to serve on the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board.  The board is comprised of 99 members representing 34 states,  4 geographical units, and 1 unit representing importers. 

The goal of the program is to maintain and expand domestic and foreign markets and uses for beef and beef products.  The program is funded by a mandatory assessment of $1 per head collected each time cattle are sold.  Imported cattle, beef, and beef products have a comparable assessment.

Newly appointed members:
Arkansas – Caleb Plyler, Hope, Ark.
Colorado – Sallie R. Miller, Briggsdale, Colo.
Florida – Sarah K. Childs, Lake Placid, Fla.
Idaho – Tucker Shaw, Caldwell, Idaho and Gwenna R. Prescott, Carey, Idaho
Kansas – Marisa Kleysteuber, Garden City, Kan., and Jacquelyne Renae Leffler, Americus, Kan.
Kentucky – Andy Bishop, Cox’s Creek, Ky.
Missouri – Kalena Bruce, Stockton, Mo.
Montana – Verna J. Billedeaux, Browning, Mont.
Nebraska – Gina M. Hudson, Belvidere, Neb., and Bree A. DeNaeyer, Seneca, Neb., and Don V. Cain, Jr., D.V.M., M.S., Broken Bow, Neb.
North Dakota – Jason Schmidt, Medina, N.D.
Oklahoma – Cheryl DeVuyst, Morrison, Okla., and Gaye Pfeiffer, Mulhall, Okla.
South Dakota – David O. Uhrig, Hermosa, S.D.
Texas – JoJo Carrales, Flatonia, Texas, J. Ryan Moorhouse, Amarillo, Texas, Mark Sustaire, Winnsboro, Texas, and Pat McDowell, Wheeler, Texas
Southwest Unit – Melissa Daniels, Nicasio, Calif.
Importer Unit – Doug McNicholl, Washington, DC, and Kimberly A. D’Anella, Wenonah, N.J., and Andrew Banchi, Trevor, Wis., and Matthew Allan, Washington, DC (1-year term)

The term of the recently appointed board members with three-year terms will run from February 2024 to February 2027. One member will serve a one-year term.

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