Vets not buying promises of Prop B

The Missouri Veterinary Medical Association finds more harm than good in Proposition B when compared with the state’s current laws on commercial dog breeding.

Sedalia veterinarian, Dr. Clark Fobian with the Missouri Veterinary Medical Association says Prop B is difficult for vets to respond to.

“It would be as if we had a bill titled the highway safety bill and I were a highway patrolmen and I would be speaking against it. You would be saying ‘well why’,” Fobian said.

Fobian says he agrees with the vast majority of Prop B but several components – especially the 50 dog limit – raise red flags.

“This arbitrary number of 50, it would almost be like saying that there is no instance where it is appropriate to drive over 55 miles an hour or no instance where it was ever appropriate to go more than 200 miles in a day,” Fobian said.

Fobian says Proposition B is overreaching and the backing of out of state groups, including the HSUS, brings their motives into question.

“I will agree that Missouri has a puppy mill problem,” Fobian said. “Now Missouri has a methamphetamine problem, but that doesn’t mean that we are seeing them out on the streets and every other citizen is involved in that.”

Fobian says stronger enforcement of Missouri’s current law, the Animal Care Facilities Act of 1992, is the key. He says puppy mill activity may increase if licensed commercial breeders are restricted.

“If they are required to cut down to just 50, I can assure you that the non-licensed ones will feel under no such compulsions,” Fobian said.

If there’s one thing good he could say about Prop B, Fobian tells Brownfield, it’s that the Missouri Agriculture Department’s budget would not be big enough to ensure its enforcement.

A recent St. Louis Post Dispatch shows about 69 percent of Missouri voters polled are in favor Proposition B.

AUDIO: Dr. Clark Fobian (12 min. MP3)

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