Walz sees Minnesota taking lead on sustainable aviation fuels

The governor of Minnesota believes his state is positioned to take the lead on sustainable aviation fuels. 

Governor Tim Walz calls Minnesota “ground zero” for the biofuels industry and suggests it’s where the market can really take flight.

“The executives from Delta brought us together out at the airport, and like I said (during comments at the MN Ag Expo Wednesday) I’m hearing it globally from folks in France and others.”

He tells Brownfield Minnesota has the biofuel supply, research, and boasts one of the best airports in the country.

“We’re centered and well-positioned, and I think there is a desire amongst these groups to move biofuels to the next level. And the sustainable biofuel fuel market is basically the sky is the limit, if you will, on what we can do.”

Brownfield interviewed Governor Walz following his speech Wednesday at the MN Ag Expo in Mankato.

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