Weed management suffers in drought

Farmers who dealt with drought this year are looking to improve weed management.

Syngenta technical development lead Dean Grossnickle says weed control was not good in a lot of instances this past year.

“We had the best plans that we put out in the winter, we were going to put down that pre and then come back with our timely post. But if we didn’t get the rain to get the (herbicide) activated in a timely manner, sometimes we had a weed flush that all of a sudden was ahead of us.”

Speaking to Brownfield during the 2022 National Association of Farm Broadcasting Convention in Kansas City last month, he says all farmers can do when dealing with drought is make the best of the situation.

“How do we increase our residual, how do we increase the longevity that we need to get out to that post-emergence application?”

Grossnickle says sometimes farmers must make “in-game decisions” to get the weed control they need.

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