Wet weather expected to let up for fall fertilizer

A weather expert says the soaking rains of the past week should not cause problems with fall fertilizer applications.

Eric Snodgrass with Nutrien Ag Solutions tells Brownfield the subsoil has been very dry and still has room to absorb moisture.  He’s not concerned about fertilizer loss based on the long-range forecast. “I don’t anticipate there being just, you know, a deluge of rain that’s nonstop, and the reason for that is, if we were worried about that occuring, it would all be due to placing a massive ridge of high pressure over the Southeast.”

Snodgrass says a southeastern high-pressure system is what brought last week’s slow-moving soaker through much of the U.S.  He says there will be a good stretch of days with dryer weather, setting the U.S. up for occasional rains. “Kind of a week on-week off pattern, which is exactly what we want, and when we’re into one of those week offs when we’ve got the soil moisture but no rain coming, we get in there and do that fall applicatino and we’re in business. It’s going to be, I think, a good November for fall application.”

Snodgrass says even with the recent heavy rain, the soil still needs more moisture in many parts of the country.

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