Where’s the E15 waiver? Ethanol groups say they’re waiting

The ethanol industry continues to lobby for year-round E15 sales as the Biden administration considers a petition from eight Midwestern governors.

Twenty-four Midwest renewable fuels and corn organizations have sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency asking for approval a day after two attorney’s general filed a lawsuit against the agency.

The letter that was sent on Tuesday asks EPA to approve the regulations by the end of summer. On Monday, AG’s from Nebraska and Iowa filed a lawsuit against EPA for its delay in authorizing the fuel.

Renewable Fuels Nebraska Executive Director Dawn Caldwell says they are waiting for a response form EPA, but the science is clear and the decision is easy. “We know that we can safely do this, and we should have access for consumers year round.  And, also, for the retailers. The reason that the timing of this is so important is that retailers and midstream pipelines companies need to know to have their supply ramped up and ready.”

Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen says a different approach may help move the needle. “We probably need to be more aggressive talking about the economic impact.”

Nebraska and seven other states petitioned EPA in April of 2022, but the agency hasn’t responded in over a year.

The letter is signed by the Iowa Corn Growers Association; Iowa Renewable Fuels Association; Iowa Ethanol; Renewable Fuels Nebraska; Nebraska Corn Growers Association; Nebraska Ethanol Board; North Dakota Ethanol Producers Association; Missouri Renewable Fuels Association; Wisconsin Biofuels Association; North Dakota Corn Growers Association; Missouri Corn; Wisconsin Corn Growers Association; Minnesota Ethanol; Minnesota Corn Growers Association; Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association; Illinois Corn Growers Association; Illinois Renewable Fuels Association; South Dakota Ethanol; Ohio Ethanol Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association; South Dakota Corn Growers Association; Renew Kansas; Kansas Corn Growers Association; and Indiana Ethanol.

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