Wisconsin farmer says crops look better than expected

A farmer from a large dairy and crop operation in northeastern Wisconsin says the crops look better than he would expect considering how little rain has fallen.

Lee Kinnard

Lee Kinnard with Kinnard Farms near Casco northeast of Green Bay says their row crops still have the potential for good yield. “It’s dry out there, but you know, the stands are there and really, I think, If Mother Nature brings us some timely rains, there’s absolutely potential for some really outstanding yields yet.”

Kinnard tells Brownfield the goal of reaching knee-high corn by the Fourth of July is easier in many regions, but that’s still realistic this far north and near Lake Michigan. “Ninety percent plus is going to hit that goal by the fourth here. Right now, we’re canopying. Those cornfields are starting to close up. I think all-in-all, things are still looking pretty good.”

Kinnard says the early spring moisture led to an outstanding first hay crop, but the dry spell is hurting the second crop of hay. “The second crop is being harvested right now and yields are down but still not horrific. Again, I’m not sure what it’s relying upon to grow but it’s growing.”

The Kinnard family manages around 10 thousand acres of cropland to raise feed for their dairy herd.

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