Wisconsin’s truth-in-labeling bills reintroduced & supported in public hearing

Wisconsin’s truth-in-labeling legislation that was not completed last year has been re-introduced in the new state legislature.

Representatives Travis Tranel and Clint Moss and Senator Howard Marklein brought back the proposals, which passed the Assembly but never had a vote in the State Senate before COVID-19 closed the session early last year.

Senate bills 81, 82, and 83 deal with dairy product labeling, meat labeling, and milk labeling, and the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Tourism held a public hearing on all three Tuesday morning.

Representative Tranel says, “Milk is from a cow.  Meat is from an animal.  Cheese is made from milk.  Tranel says consumers, farmers, and producers deserve clear labeling and buyers should be able to easily purchase the real food products they intend to purchase.”

Just like the last session, several Wisconsin agricultural groups testified in favor of the truth-in-labeling package including the Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association, the Dairy Business Association, the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association, and the Wisconsin Farm Bureau.

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