Pacelle picketing in Missouri

There was a “dog eat dog” atmosphere at an organic restaurant in Columbia, Missouri earlier this week where Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), promoted Missouri’s ballot initiative – Proposition B – otherwise called the “Puppy Mill Bill.” Pacelle spoke to a group while more than two-dozen protestors picketed the event across the street. Sami Jo Freeman, a student at the University of Missouri and opposes the initiative, attended Pacelle’s presentation.

“HSUS did a pretty good job of mocking the protestors and not really paying attention to the issues they were bringing up,” Freeman said. “Instead they kind of focused on HSUS issues and supporting Proposition B and also focusing on making fun of those protestors.”

Agriculture opponents are concerned that Proposition B is a first step by HSUS to try and place restrictions on livestock operations in the state. Proposition B restricts the maximum number of dogs a licensed dog breeder can own and breed and sets new standards for living conditions. Missouri voters will decide the issue in the November general election.

  • HSUS will sell you one thing and then demand something else entirely. Look at what happened with Prop 2 in California. The law that HSUS had passed says that chickens must be able to stretch all their limbs and turn around. This only applies to shell eggs. Now that the law is passed HSUS is claiming that cage-free is the minimum acceptable standard for all chickens and they intend to sue every single chicken producer in the state into bankruptcy. Do not let these snakes get so much as a toe in the door.

  • Since when did Wayne Pacelli take up residence in Missouri? Oh that’s right, he just shows up to get residents to change their ways of doing things to satisfy HIS interests–and then leaves in the cover of darkness. I bet Missourians saw a boatload of HSUS commercials begging for $19 a month to save dogs–but of course only $2.28 of that yearly $228 donation will ever go to any shelters to actually HELP dogs. Go ahead, Missouri, make sure you give generously to support Wayne’s pension. He REALLY needs it after all that traveling to Missouri.

  • Thanks, Brownfield for informing everyone about proposition B.
    Farmers be afraid ….. Very Afraid!
    Section 9 of the proposition says ” Pet means any domesticated animal mormally maintained in or near the household of the owner thereof”
    Wikipedia has a list of domecticated animals. Every animal you own is on it.
    Go look for yourself. We must protect Missouri from Animal Rights Activists. Tell everyone you know to read all about it and vote NO on B. We have been Dairy farmers for 34 years and we raise a few dogs.

  • I’d vote no on Prop B , Missouri has regulations for dog breeders and they are strict and inspected already by the USDA and State as well . Why would the tax payers of Missouri want to spend more for inspections and limit the amount of revenue for our state and the people in it ? Some make their living, love their animals and pay taxes here? Think of the effect Missouri will have if this bill passes . It will not only affect licensed dog breeders , our Missouri Veterinarians , feed stores and med suppliers , plus the folks who want pets not to mention the taxes paid to our state of Missouri . Who’s at loss? Will the amount of other animals soon be limited as well ? Or maybe the amount of land we can own? Wake up ! We as the Missouri people don’t need Mr. Pacelli trying to tell us how to regulate our business!

  • Wayne Pacelle did not bring out the supporters of HSUS as expected. At 4 different locations this past week in Missouri the animal rights activists averaged 35 people. In Columbia, MO there were about 50 breeders and their families protesting the lies of HSUS. In Springfield, MO there were almost 80 protesters and 31 HSUS supporters. Maybe people are getting wise to HSUS and their animal rights cohorts. Oh, by the way, only $1.14 (1/2 of one percent)from the $19 that is given for one year to HSUS will go to the care of animals. Think what could be done for animals if people would only give to their local shelters!! Sure would mess with Wayne’s psychic!! LOL

  • Whiney Wayne, GO HOME! He wants to bully Missouri the way he is bullying Ohio over their livestock board that the voters voted into place but left HSUS off the board. What does HSUS do? Goes in and collects 400,000 signatures to threaten the governor and gain a place on the livestock board. Now farmers in Ohio are worse off than before because HSUS will dictate their regulations. This is how Whiney Wayne works. He is a political bully and lobbyist. Hopefully the IRS will take him down the way they did Capone.

  • As the owner of a puppy mill dog, I will vote for Prop B. Barb and Sheila you must have economic intersets in dog breeding or you would be against “licsened” breders with 500-1000 dogs, several violations and still in business. As for HSUS, if you think none of their views are valid-guess you support dog fighting, sale of crush videos,horse slaughter,killing wolves, mislabeling of fur made from dogs and cats from China and the list goes on.HSUS is not an animal shelter. They are an effecting lobbying group for people who care about animal issues. Rick Berman has his and we have ours

  • Go to and
    Below are quotes from Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the HSUS. Read them and see if this is who you want controlling Missouri’s animal agriculture.

    “We are going to use the ballot box and the democratic process to stop all hunting in the United States….We will take it species by species until all hunting is stopped in California. Then we will take it state by state.”
    —-Full Cry magazine, Oct. 1990

    “We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced though selective breeding. One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.”
    —-Animal People News, May 1993

    “The life of an ant and the life of my child should be granted equal consideration.”
    —-Michael W. Fox, HSUS Senior Scholar

    “My goal is the extinction of all animal agriculture.”
    —-J.P. Goodwin, manager of animal fighting issues for the HSUS
    Animal Cruelty and Fighting Campaign: former member of the ecoterrorist group ALF [Animal Liberation Front]

  • Adopting A Shelter Dog
    One way an individual can help reduce the number of dogs put to sleep for lack of homes is to adopt from a shelter. Doing this successfully depends on knowing what you need in a dog, and how to determine which dog at the shelter can fit your life. Picking a dog that fails in your home is no help to the dog overpopulation, and can end tragically for that dog.

    What About a Puppy?

    A shelter is the wrong place for a puppy. So many people are determined to get their dogs only as puppies that you can be assured someone will adopt the cute puppy in the shelter. Be wise, and don’t be that someone. Why?

    The puppy in a shelter has been through physical, emotional and mental stress-just by the very fact of BEING in the shelter-that is likely to do lifelong damage. In the short term, the damage can hit you straight in the wallet, because the immune system of a puppy is not strong enough to deal with the communicable diseases in even the best of shelters. Many puppies die from things they’ve caught in the shelter. In the long term, you run a high risk of the puppy growing into a dog with severe temperament problems.

    The genetics of a puppy in a shelter must be suspect. After all, responsible breeders don’t let their puppies go to shelters. Genetics have a huge effect on the temperament of the adult dog this puppy will become. Dog behavior is HUGELY influenced by the genetics that went into that dog, whether those genetics were carefully planned by a responsible breeder, or completely random.

    It simply is not true-though a very popular notion among the uninformed-that a dog will turn out great if it is raised well. A dog’s temperament is limited by its genetics, no matter how good a job you might do in raising the dog. Dogs are much more the victims of their own instincts than humans are, and much less able to override their genetically-programmed behaviors.

    When you adopt a puppy from an animal shelter, you are taking on an unknown responsibility. You don’t know what the adult dog’s temperament will be. You might know vaguely whether it’s likely to be a small dog or a large dog, but you can’t tell whether it will weigh 30 pounds or 90, and that’s a huge difference in the responsibility that will fall on the dog’s family. You don’t know what grooming the dog will require. You don’t know what medical conditions it is likely to inherit-many of which can run into hundreds or thousands of dollars to treat. You don’t know what aggression the dog will have at maturity toward other dogs, cats, children, strangers or you. You don’t know how driven the dog will be to jump or dig under a fence and leave your property. You don’t know how territorially aggressive the dog will be at your front door or your back fence. You don’t know whether the dog will be shy, fearful, easily over-stimulated, likely to bark excessively, highly active, agile vs. knocking over furniture indoors.

    – Kathy Diamond Davis
    Author and Trainer

    We need passionate professional breeders who understand how to correctly match temperament traits with people in search of a quality family pet.

  • Sandy demonstrates what many HSUS supporters do when backed into a corner. We don’t agree with her opinion so we must be for abuse. (Insert eye roll.) You know why we’re against Prop B Sandy? We’ve read current Missouri law and the piece of weak legislation proposed by HSUS and we’re wondering why HSUS decided to spend over $2 million on this garbage which waters down already existing laws. I wonder how much inspection and enforcement could have been bought with all that money. No where in the HSUS-backed proposition does it provide additional money for enforcement which means that even if Prop 2 passes, absolutely nothing will change. That is what you’re voting for – HSUS-sanctioned worse treatment for “puppy mill” dogs. Sandy, you really need to engage your brain and stop allowing yourself to be spoon-fed HSUS pablum.

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